The PS4K/PS4.5 is Codenamed NEO, Contains Upgraded CPU, GPU, RAM

Recently, we heard that Sony was working on upgraded the version of the PS4. And now, Giant Bomb is reporting new details and specifications of the new PS4.

The upgrade ps4 goes by the codename “NEO”, compared with the original PS4, this one comes with a higher clock speed, an improved GPU, and faster memory. The hard drive in the NEO is the same as the current PS4, but it has not been confirmed if that refers to the same capacity or read speed.


There will be two types of PS4 games available–one will run on the original PS4 and one that will run on the upgraded console. Starting in October, every single PS4 game will be required to have a “base mode”, which works on current PS4, and a “NEO mode” for use on the new console. The NEO mode will able to use the hardware upgrades to increase and stabilize frame rates, while also offering higher resolutions. 4K output will be supported, but games won’t be required to run at 4K resolution.

Despite the upgrades, the NEO will not replace the current PS4 and will instead exist alongside it. There will be no Neo-only games and Sony will not let developers separate Neo users from those playing on original PS4–that also means the PS4 and NEO will share the same PSN store, user interface, online communities and user experience. This includes peripheral support, which means it won’t offer exclusive VR modes, either.

Although the report says all games will need to support both the NEO and current PS4 in October, the new console might not actually out in that month.

We will update the article when we get more reliable information. By the way, our new shells for upcoming NEO will coming soon.

Upcoming Playstation 4 Games List

ps4 new games

Check out the new release calendar for all the upcoming PS4 games this month. More games list and release date will be update regularly, dont’t forget to check back.


Invisible, Inc. – April 19, 2016
Directs an espionage agency in the field and penetrate the world’s most dangerous multinational corporations. Take control an agent in high-risks, high profit covert missions, stealth, precision, and teamwork are necessary since every move may cost an agent their life.

Lichdom -Battlemage

Lichdom: Battlemage – April 19, 2016
The game allows the player to traverse the main quest as a male or female character. Each character has subtle differences in their origin story. There are challenge levels which the player can choose to do as battle-oriented side-quests. Gameplay centers on enemies dropping randomized loot based on the rarity level the character has achieved through reaching checkpoints. The player’s spells can be further enhanced by increasing the level of a Sigil through accomplishing specific goals.

Pang Adventures

Pang Adventures – April 19, 2016
One of the most popular games from the 90’s, a game in which players guide two brothers on a global quest to save humankind from a massive alien invasion.

Masquerade The Baubles of Doom

Masquerade: The Baubles of Doom – April 20, 2016
Players will take control of a quip-slinging jester Jaxx, who quest to stop an evil Clown Army from “claiming an artifact of supreme power”. This mission will take Jaxx across the Realm to save it, but shouldn’t be too tough of a task for the hammer-wielding hero.


Alienation – April 26, 2016
A gorgeous “spiritual successor” to Dead Nation-pick your unique character class, drop-in drop-out a friend’s game and destroy everything on screen.
The aliens have taken over and this is the last chance for humanity to kick ass and regain control.

Dungeons 2

Dungeons 2 – April 26, 2016
Dungeons 2 isn’t about being a nice guy. It’s about becoming a Dungeon Lord so evil that goodness quakes in its boots. The campaign begins with the Dungeon Lord cursed into a half-life between this world and the next and bonded to his throne.
Luckily, one can’t keep evil down forever!

Why Their Skin Decals Installed with Air Bubbles and Removed with Glue Residue?

Today we will talk about the air bubbles and glue residue’s problem for the skin decals.

Other company uses cheap glue on the skin decals, so when you remove the stickers from your PS4 or Xbox One console, you may found there are glue residue leaved on the surface of your console. ExtremeRate’s skin decals are made of high quality glue so they are residue free.

glue residue free

And more over, air grooves are combined with glue on ExtremeRate’s skin decals, which helps make the installation process easy and make a smooth surface without any air bubbles.

air grooved sticker

How ExtremeRate Solve Lifting Problem on Skin Decals

ExtremeRate’s PS4 and Xbox ONE skin decals were applied a special cutting method, they called it Extreme Cuttings. Other supplier use normal cutting on their products, it will save the cost but it can cause the edge of the decals to begin to lift a month or two after installation. Differ from normal cutting, Extreme Cuttings can helps them eliminate the risk of the lifting problem.

ExtremeRate Extreme Cuttings on Skin Decals

Get Ready for PS4 Replacement Faceplate

Sony was officially selling PS4 faceplates since December of last year. But there are just a few designs. Every body wants more.


So we are going to announce our ExtremeRate PS4 faceplate series. We have got the first batch of samples now, and we need 1 or 2 weeks to adjust the mold to optimize the product quality.

And then, you know what pattern will we print on them -)

Every body, stay tuned!

extremerate ps4 faceplate frontextremerate ps4 faceplate back

Professional Printer + High Class Protective Film =?

When other suppliers print their skin decals with common 4 colors industrial printer and use low class material as the protective film, ExtremeRate has better solution.

So let me introduce HP Indigo WS6600 professional printer. Let’s see how HP told us: The HP Indigo WS6600 Digital Press enables professional and consumer labs to replace traditional AgX cut print and portrait production. That means this machine is specialized in sticker printing, come out with better quality images and faster printing speed, and this machine is very expensive.


And for the protective film, ExtremeRate use high class matt polished film, so no matter you look or touch the skin decals, you will found that it’s the best one you can find.


Gamers Design for the Gamers

Let’s talk about the design first.

We believe that design is the soul of skin decals. The chief designer for skin decals of ExtremeRate, SNOW is a senior video games player.  The same as the CEO of Extremerate, SNOW was started his gamer’s life from NES, and then SNES, Sega MD, PlayStation, Sega Dream Cast, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360, and now is PS4 and Xbox One.


So we know how gamer think, and what gamers may like. We keep announcing at least 10 new design for PS4 and Xbox One skin decals every week, all the designs are unique and gamers oriented.

why choose us

And furthermore, we offer ODM service for customers, what you need is provide the clear images to us and we will do the rest for you.

skin decals odm service

We will talk about the product quality next time.

PS4 & Xbox One Skin Decals Will Be The Next Big

As you guys know, ExtremeRate had made a great accomplishment on business of PS4 and Xbox One controller shells and buttons, there are over 60% of controller shells in the market are made by ExtremeRate, so some body said we are big shot now, lol. 


We trust that only if we stick on products quality and keep offering great customer service, we will win our customers loyalty.

And we do grateful that without our customers help, we can do nothing in the industry, thanks you guys.

Now ExtremeRate is going to make something different on the PS4 & Xbox One skin decals. The selling points of skin decals are included 2 factors, one is design, the other one is quality. So ExtremeRate invest in a skin stickers factory, and expend their designers’ team, which included some real gamer.

So there are some great difference between ExtremeRate’s skin decals and those common supplier in the industry. We will show them to you in the coming article.